Single Sign-On Management Software Solutions

Securely managing business accounts and applications is a non-negotiable requirement of operating enterprises and protecting organisational assets. Single Sign-On (SSO) Management Software is a key component of identity and access management (IAM) with all organisations using this for the secure authentication of user accounts across multiple applications and websites with an account holder only required to sign in once using just one common set of credentials (username and password). Every organisation needs to remove the risk of account breaches without compromising efficiency so SSO software fulfils an essential requirement of smooth access while preserving best practice security protocols.

The Right SSO System Ensures Business Security

Businesses turning to SSO software as a security and business process solution will be impressed by the efficient integration of an app with other operational standards. Once implemented in the enterprise, organisations use SSO to allow users to log into proprietary web applications (hosted on an internal server) or cloud-hosted systems, like Microsoft Office 365. Once incorporated correctly, the SSO system on the TeamKonnect platform is designed to support enhanced workflows and organisational goals including productivity, IT monitoring and management, and security control.

Strategic Implementation Of SSO Software

A well-executed SSO strategy can eliminate password-related reset costs and downtime, mitigate the risk of insider threats, improve user experience and authentication processes, and put the organisation firmly in control of user access. The custom TeamKonnect solution has been designed with the highest levels of security in mind enabling organisations to avail of SSO with the flick of a switch.

Single Sign-On Management Starts With Building Your Business App

Security is front of mind for all businesses in the digital age and a custom SSO solution will undoubtedly save time and money. From encouraging stronger adherence to all processes due to efficiency and ease of use to allowing team members to work across programs or workstations, the TeamKonnect app is a winning system. Contact Us now for a demonstration and to bring a single sign-on solution to your business.

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