Pick & Dispatch Management Software Solutions

Dispatch scheduling is an essential management process in businesses in order to deliver on orders, organise personnel and allocate resources. Finding a dispatch management system that can be designed specifically to a business’ needs has invaluable benefits for all internal and external stakeholders. With components including real-time updates, a comprehensive overview of orders and workloads, and appointment of tasks with custom allocation filters, mobile and web applications with proprietary software design will make an immediate, sustained impact to business operations.

Dispatch System Software For Accurate & Efficient Scheduling

The intuitive features of a custom solution truly benefit a business from personnel through to customers.

These systems have robust features that allow business owners to schedule workers according to their skill set, guide scheduling staff to make decisions in line with their workload, or even allow personnel to dispatch orders. The TeamKonnect dispatch management module has been designed so that dispatch managers can respond immediately to changes in orders to reduce delays and improve customer service levels. The system also provides access to historic data, in the form of a log with historical job duration allowing for more accurate schedules to be planned and optimised moving forward. The Dispatch Management Module also integrates with our Mobile Delivery Module providing direct communication between HQ & dispatcher where feedback and corrections may be required.

Dispatch Management That Integrates With Existing Business Software

The right software can target a range of process issues, including the flow-on impacts, and is essential in every dispatch setting so it’s here that a custom app with purpose-built no-code features is a go-to solution. Due to the integrated characteristics of a TeamKonnect app, businesses can guarantee swift uptake with their personnel meaning successful use is measurable quickly and there is increased scope for resolving any adjacent process issues, too.

Pick & Dispatch Management Starts With Building Your Business App

Manage resources and dispatch efficiently with a custom TeamKonnect business app. Contact Us to discuss a custom design and book a demonstration.

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