Mobile Delivery Management Software Solutions

Improve the management of all parts of delivery systems with a custom mobile app that incorporates every aspect of this essential business process. Every system step is covered, with robust management of order receipts, delivery scheduling, route planning, real time tracking, electronic proof of delivery, and updates visible to customers including current information and delivery status of orders. A delivery management app with a custom design ensures that logistics for the business are properly systemised so that ongoing issues are resolved, any problems can be responded to quickly, and risk mitigation is at the forefront of processes.

Delivery Scheduling That Makes Every Process Better

Delivery management software that’s designed specifically for the business upholds intelligent design because it’s purpose-built for the business process on a micro level as well as the overall needs of the operation on a macro level. As a result, workforce productivity is enabled resulting in dramatic increases in output. When businesses use delivery management software that’s designed for their operations, features including smart scheduling and paperless workflows maximise working time will eliminate any barriers to progress while meeting the needs of all stakeholders.

A System Design For The Complete Delivery Lifecycle

The TeamKonnect delivery management module has been designed to manage the complete lifecycle of business orders as a smart system that benefits personnel and customers. The app system uses barcode scanning of both product and location, from picking, packing, and dispatch right through to delivery, where the customers signature can be captured and a (Proof of Delivery) POD is then dispatched automatically via email to both HQ and the customer confirming execution. The system is smart, safe and secure which delivers for the business, relevant contractors and customers while streamlining connecting processes.

Mobile Delivery Management Starts With Building Your Business App

Process, dispatch and deliver orders to customers with a custom mobile delivery management app from TeamKonnect. Contact Us for a demonstration and to learn more about the design process for your business.

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