Our Mission

To build innovative solutions that deliver competitive advantage everyday

Driven by the desire to exceed customer expectations

At Team Konnect our mission has always been to deliver products and services that make our customers so happy that they never want to leave. It's probably the reason that our average client relationship lasts in excess of 10 years. Having operated in the software development industry for over 20 years, and having managed and delivered hundreds of successful software development projects during this time, we still felt there had to be a better, more autonomous and efficient method of delivering software development solutions.

Some time back, we embarked on an information gathering and research exercise where we sat down with both existing and potential organisations and asked them how their software development processes could be improved. This research uncovered that what would really appeal to these organisations, was shorter development times, faster prototyping, lowering the risk of failure, reduced development costs, but most importantly control over the inevitable change requests which generally send these project costs spiralling out of control and run the risk of project failure.

It was this research that inspired us to develop our Team Konnect Rapid Application Development Platform which now enables us to design, develop and deploy web portal and native mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms in days instead of months all without the need to write a single line of code. The result has been the development of a powerful, intuitive and feature rich platform which has been instrumental in helping many companies along their digital transformation journey.

It stands to reason, that if God gave us two ears and one mouth then we should listen twice as hard...

One of the key requirements in delivering successful projects is the ability to listen. But listerning is not just about understanding or recognoising what is being said. it’s the ability to indentify and interpret what’s been left out.

Only this approach will reveal the true picture, the real pain points., the key objectivies, and only then can we hope to fully understand the scope of the solutions that will solve our customer problems.

This is what sets us apart from the competition.

Our Tech Leaders

The technical leaders behind the Team Konnect platform have worked in the IT industry collectively going on 100 years. They bring together a wealth of experience and expertise across many different disciplines including business managemtnt, systems analysis. software development services and infrastructure & architecture which has been instrumental in shaping the features and functionality we have built and continue to build into our platform.

Bas Baaij
Technical Services Manager
Colm Stafford
Sriram Natarajan
Chief Technical Officer
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